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Metrics Analysis


Metrics Analysis

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Title Testing Objectives Since Price Quotes Ping
mPulse Metrics Analysis, Performance Analysis, SOA testing 2,006 July 2015: Lite - Free/ 1 user, July 2015: Pro - $99/month Active
JTest Metrics Analysis, Web testing, SOA testing, Data Flow Analysis, Code Analysis, Static Code Analysis, Coding Standards verfication, Code Tracability, Code Review, Code Coverage testing, Java testing, API testing 1,996 Active
Monkop Security Testing, Mobile Testing, Network testing, Performance Analysis, Metrics Analysis, Memory Analysis 2,014 Nov 2015: Solo - Free, Nov 2015: Basic - $90 / month / 5 Multi-Device executions per month , Nov 2015: Pro - $349 / month / 30 Multi-Device executions per month Active
Commercial Tools
Test Design Studio Code Analysis, Code Review, Static Code Analysis, Metrics Analysis, Test Cases Statistics 2,001 March 2015: Seat License - $1450.00/ License, March 2015: Concurrent License - $3750.00 Active

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