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Title Testing Objectives Since Price Quotes Ping
Ranorex Integrated Test Automation Tools Mobile Testing, Web testing, Cross-Browser testing, Java testing, Desktop testing 2,007 November 2015 : Ranorex Runtime Shared License € 690, November 2015 : Ranorex Premium Node-Locked License: € 1990, November 2015 : Ranorex Premium Floating License: € 3490 Active
SeleniumHQ Desktop testing, Object Based Testing, Web testing, Cross-Browser testing 2,006 Free use Active
Fiddler Load Capabilities, Performance Analysis, Security Testing, Web testing, Cross-Browser testing 2,003 Free use Active
TestMagic Desktop testing, Mobile Testing, Server testing, SOA testing, Web testing 2,009 Active
T-PLAN ROBOT Mobile Testing, Web testing, Desktop testing 1,989 Active
Appium Mobile Testing, Web testing 2,013 Free use Active
Squish Coco Code Analysis, Static Code Analysis, Coding Standards verfication, Code Coverage testing 2,006 2016 - €3,000/ 5 Licenses, 2016 - €5,880 for 10 Licenses, 2016 - €16,200 for 30 Licenses Active
SeeTestAutomation Desktop testing, Image Based Testing, Mobile Testing, Test Embedded systems 2,008 July 2015: $3500/ year for All versions of SINGLE mobile OS Active
Dynatrace AppMon Mobile Testing, Load Capabilities, Stress Testing 2,003 Active
mAutomate Mobile Testing, Performance Analysis 2,011 Active
TestQuest 10 Mobile Testing, Performance Analysis, Load Capabilities, Stress Testing 1,999 Active
TestingBot Mobile Testing, Web testing, Cross-Browser testing 2,011 Active
deviceConnect Mobile Testing 2,013 Call Manufacturer for details Active
BrowserStack Server testing, Web testing, Cross-Browser testing 2,011 Live: $29 user / month , Automate: $59 parallel test / month , Automate Pro: $99 parallel test / month Active
GhostLab Web testing, Cross-Browser testing, Server testing 2,011 2016 - $34.00/ license Active
Verifaya Studio Web testing 2,011 Call Manufacturer for details Active
Trust Desktop testing, Mobile Testing 2,011 Active
ICTestAutomation 2,011 Active
GXtest Desktop testing, Web testing 1,988 Active
NativeDriver Mobile Testing 2,010 Free use Active

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