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Title Testing Objectives Since Price Quotes Ping
StresStimulus SAP Testing, Mobile Testing, Network testing, Performance Analysis, Web testing, Cross-Browser testing, Test Cases Statistics, Server testing, DataBase testing, Load Capabilities, Stress Testing, Java testing 2,006 September 2015: Free version is available, September 2015: 250 VUs, Pro Edition, Permanent license - $870, September 2015: 10,000 VUs, Ent. Edition, weekly pass - $2,130 Active
HammerDB DataBase testing, Stress Testing, Performance Analysis 2,003 Free use Active
Load Tester DataBase testing, Data Migration Testing, Java testing, Stress Testing, Mobile Testing, Network testing, Performance Analysis, Cross-Browser testing 1,999 1 Month Lease $750 Active
StoryTestIQ Web testing, Desktop testing 2,009 Free Use 2011
TAZ Test Embedded systems 2,006 Call Manufacturer for details Active
MTAS API testing, Desktop testing, Mobile Testing, Network testing, Web testing, Cross-Browser testing 2,011 Active
TimeShiftX Security Testing 2,013 Active

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