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Gnoso is a software product design and development company, focusing on products that are imaginative, functional and beautiful. Gnoso is located in the NEXT Innovation Center in Greenville, SC USA. Our mission is to grow ideas into great businesses, and it all starts with a question,"What if...?" Gnoso was created on the foundation of curiosity, and it continues to drive what we do. We love creating products through answering "what if" questions and are passionate about giving our customers experiences that don't leave them asking "What if there is something better?" Imagination. Function. Beauty. Three simple words that summarize our mentality and push us to create awesome products that delight our customers each and every day.

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11-50 employees
Privately Held

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Ncover Collector


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Powerful Code Quality Metrics For Quality Assurance
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Ncover Collector
NCover Tool Scope Testing Tool
Application Rights Commercial, Free for Non-profits, Free for Students (Educate), Trial
Since 2011
Company gnoso
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