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Freelancer Yuval Ben-Hur

Expertise Summary

Experience Introduction: 

Testing and Automation expert with proven experience in the Software testing field since 1995. Experience in variety of positions and tasks, including Integration, Testing, Automation Development and Design, Managing Testing teams, Development teams and Offshore teams, with proving innovation capabilities.

Highly professional, self motivate, good human relations and with best understanding of what we need, testers and managers, I invite you to contact us, consult us and let us help you to promote and improve your tools and services.

Uzair Farooqi - ISTQB Certified Tester

Expertise Summary

Experience Introduction: 

An ISTQB Certified Tester with almost 2 years experience with focus on Software Quality Assurance and Web automation testing.

Currently working as a regression + Front End UI tester for a company that acts as a computational knowledge engine for the financial industry.

I am confidently capable of preparing test scenarios, test cases and incident reports.

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