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Countersoft is about enabling the collective capability that exists within all teams and projects. We build software products that help teams deliver. Our products and services are used by start-ups, SMEs, Fortune 2000, government, educational bodies, not-for-profits and charities around the globe. From day one we have supported open source projects by donating product licenses to help them flourish. The founders of Countersoft have many years´ experience working in and leading development teams. We´ve always advocated methods and tools that allow teams to communicate, coordinate, balance contributions, create mutual support and optimise talent. And get the job done properly! The award-winning Gemini is a leading .NET based project management platform that provides an effective browser-based project team experience regardless of roles, locations and project types. Key integrations with Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Visual Studio, Subversion and other leading configuration management systems.

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software quality, Countersoft, opensource, project management platform, browser-based, configuration management systems, agile tracking system, test management 

Gemini Test Management


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Testing done right
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Gemini Test Management
Gemini Tool Scope Bug Tracking System, Cloud Service, Issue Tracking System, Management Tool, Agile Management, ALM, Project Management, Quality Management, Test Management
Application Rights Cloud Service, Commercial
Since 2003
Company Countersoft
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